All of the races!

It’s still race season!  I’ve run two 5k’s, a 10k, and a half marathon. This weekend, I’m signed up for a 12k race. I even get to do another race with my husband because we arranged for his parents to watch the kids.

I’ve been trying to keep up my distance. I was working my way back up to around 8 miles, but I somehow thought I had one more week. I’m only slightly worried that I’ll tire before I finish, but that is mostly because my husband running slow is me running at my top speed for longer than I’m used to.

I keep signing up for more races, though. I got an email about races in St. Louis and saw a couple races during the same weekend in June I’ll already be there for the Superhero Dash, but they’re at different times. I could make it to them all! Why I would even think that I would be okay doing that is a mystery. I signed up for a 1 mile race on Memorial Day along a parade route. I can’t imagine I’ll place, but I’m excited to do it because I ran the mile in track events a couple of times when I was…a preteen maybe. I’m signed up for a half marathon 8 days after another half marathon and this would be during full marathon training. I plan to do my first full in November. It is just so much fun to do races!

I’m involved in 5k training in a mentor capacity. I was tentative at first, but now it seems like people are getting into it. That race is still a little over a month away. I’m signed up for that one, of course. To think that just 2 years ago, I was preparing for my first race and so much has happened since then. I am in that position where I hope they love it as much as I do and I just can’t wait to see their reaction. I feel kind of like a parent that bought their kid the perfect gift and I can’t wait for them to open it and see their reaction. I know its a little silly, but it is also really exciting.

This summer will be full of running, racing, training, and hopefully some personal records. I’m learning that despite knowing I don’t like the way I look in the mirror or in pictures and I don’t like the numbers on the scale, that I am capable of things that I couldn’t do before. Running hasn’t completely squashed out my depression. I still have episodes where I’m down and I can’t find a way up. I have been in a funk lately that I’m having a little less luck pulling out of. I still get overwhelming anxiety where I can’t seem to calm my sense of impending doom. I deal with some of it better through running. I also have an easier time not feeling too alone because of the people I’ve met through running.

Do you have any race medals or swag to show off? Do you sign up for races for a particular reason? I often do it for the medal, but I also do it for the t-shirts and for the causes they support. Is running or some other fitness activity helping you deal with something?


My first 5k race and my first medal. I do that one for the cause, but the medal is a bonus (The scar on my boob is from melanoma removal)

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