Little Known Safety Feature

By: Jenn M.


Our clocks have been set back to regular time and you want to squeeze in any daytime runs you can before they’re all in the dark, whether you’re an early riser or an evening runner. The other day, my cousin went on such a run. Running in the day didn’t make her feel any safer thanks to some crude onlookers, You can read her experience here on her blog. Yes, we both have blogs about fitness and wellness. Go figure.

I am a firm believer that 100% of sexual assault is caused by assailants and 0% is caused by the victim. You could disagree, but you’d be wrong and it really isn’t an opinion as much as a factual statement. I do, however, want to share with you something that I use on my phone that could help quell some concerns and help in the case of an emergency. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and my S6 had the same feature. I am not familiar with all Android products, but this is more about safety than the technology end of it. My phone [and maybe yours] has a feature where all you do is press the power button on the side quickly 3 times and it will take audio, video, and location information and send it in an “SOS” message to designated recipients. Here’s a basic tutorial using screen shots from my own phone.

From settings, go to Privacy and Emergency:


Once in the PRIVACY AND EMERGENCY Settings, go to “Send SOS Messages”:


Using the on screen selection, slide the indicator into the “On” position [often the position with the dot to the right].

Click on the words “SEND MESSAGES TO” and select up to 4 people from your phone book whom you want to receive your SOS message. [Make sure these people are aware they’re designated to this important contact]

Adjust the other settings to personal preferences and keep the phone handy


I practiced mine a few times with my husband to make sure it would work and get used to how it records. It notifies you that you’ve sent an SOS in your notifications bar and you will see the pictures it took in your gallery.

I am disappointed that this post is necessary, but I hope that it helps someone out and that you get good use of it.

*Please feel free to share my post, but also give me credit. I love writing and I don’t get paid to do it, so just getting credit for it is nice.


One thought on “Little Known Safety Feature

  1. Thanks for this! iPhones have something similar, but you have to press the lock button 5 times. It will notify your emergency contact(s) and you can set it to automatically call 911. From what I can tell, it doesn’t record anything or take pictures.

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