Holiday Streakin’

I have not been to write on my blog in awhile. Which is totally fine since I’m told nobody blogs anymore. I do, though.

I had a pretty serious issue with running after the marathon. It wasn’t related to injury or pain. I just hated running. Each time I laced up to go, I’d feel ambivalent about it. I loved running before. I mean, it gets me outside for awhile each time and I get to burn off some of the stress in life. Except, I suddenly didn’t want to run. I wasn’t getting any faster or better at it anyway. I wasn’t going to be winning anything for speed and I wasn’t improving upon my own times.

I didn’t quit running. I talked to my friends about it. Jane talked me into joining a group of people running at least 1 mile for 40 days. The group is based from the Runners World holiday streak, but we have a local group to keep us accountable. We do silly challenges and take selfies to show our running adventures. My goal is to make it through 45 days because my birthday is the 5th of January.

I don’t hate running anymore. I’m slowly improving my time and I’m getting back into “I get to run today,” over, “I have to run today.” That still makes a huge difference in my attitude toward doing it. I haven’t run over 3 miles in awhile and I don’t have any plans to very soon. I’m not running because I’m training for something. I am doing it for me. Back to basics.

Also, when I say I’m streaking, I am still wearing proper attire for the weather. There are windchill numbers to take into account lately. I’m not willing to get frost bite on any naughty bits. I’m more comfy in clothes anyway. So, streaking is my way back to running for the joy of running.

Do you have any plans to scale up or down on training? Do you feel like you have to train or that you get to do it? How does that change your perspective?


It had been forever since I’d seen a sub 11 minute mile. It helps to have snow pelting the face while running…