Back in training

I spent little time training for more than 5k races since October, which was the Chicago Marathon. I’m even moving toward a ‘maybe someday’ for another marathon. I hadn’t pushed any further than 4 miles and that was fine because I didn’t have races on the calendar yet.

I’ve finally started upping my miles. The first instance was joining a relay team for the Illinois Marathon and I have slowly raised my long run mileage and pulled back when my body thought it was too much. I’m up to 8 miles now and it felt great. Except for the humidity that was absolutely oppressive, it was a good experience. I’m training for a 15 km race in mid June called the Steamboat Classic in Peoria, IL. The race brags that it is the toughest 15 k race due to some steep hills and the heat that normally accompanies the race. Since it it close to the Illinois River, the steam is always in attendance. The race is fun, though. I like the challenge. The people of Peoria come out and cheer on the runners. There are misting stations located along the course including some that residents have fashioned themselves with their garden hoses. The finish line has water misting and then a beer garden to go to! It feels like the thing to do to kick off my summer training for my fall race(s).

This year, I have 2 half marathons after Steamboat. October is Whiskeydaddle in Peoria, and November is Indy Monumental. I feel like I have to do Indy at least once since I missed out on doing my first marathon there a couple years ago. I’m excited to to both and to start training soon!

This weekend, I was talking to a fellow runner who is training for a 5 k race. She mentioned to me that she had read somewhere where a woman spoke of focusing more on what her body could do instead of how it looked. I thought it was funny that she brought up something I’ve said before and a great time to remind me of what I’d said. I started running distance because I wanted to show what my body was capable of even if it didn’t look how I wanted.

Yeah, that.

Are you training for anything? Do you have a favorite race? Have you ever goaded your best friend into running a 15 k with you? I did. Poor Liz.