Shred Start

I attended Be Strong gym as planned last Saturday and was more confident with what to expect from my Spring Shred program. I wound up earning a t-shirt with the gym logo on it by being really enthusiastic. We had a presentation, workout, and weigh in.

Sunday, I had a nutrition plan on my phone and I hit the grocery store. I then spent 3 hours prepping 21 meals. I then realized that because I was going to be in St. Louis for the coming week, I would have to transport all of these meals and store them at my in laws’ house. Thankfully, they had space in their fridge and freezer. I brought my reusable ice packs and had them frozen by Friday when we headed back.

Chicken with cajun seasoning, brown rice, and raw broccoli

I attended a workout on Monday at the gym at 6am since we weren’t leaving until later in the morning for our Spring Break trip. I kept thinking about how I don’t like to wake up early while I was driving to the gym. On the way home, I realized it really wasn’t that bad to get up for the workout. I slept for the majority of the ride to St. Louis, though. My husband and I went to a hockey game and I had a little of his beer, but otherwise stuck to my nutrition.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day at the City Museum crawling through things and running around with the kids. I brought snacks along with me and ate them as I felt hungry. It was hard to fit in lunch and dinner toward the end of the day because I had plans with my bestie, Liz at the movies. We saw Captain Marvel. I can normally take down quite a bit of popcorn by myself, but I brought myself almonds, a protein shake, and a water bottle. Captain Marvel was awesome and I already want to see it again. When they brought my free small popcorn, I only nibbled less than a handful and tossed the rest after the movie. Not bad for someone who normally mindlessly binge eats popcorn.

Wednesday, we went to the St. Louis Zoo and I somehow missed seeing Justin Timberlake who was in town for a Thursday night show. I did get to see this penguin head scratch though:

Totally cute head scratch

My husband’s family got together for a bbq that night. I improvised my meal based on the plan and made an entire plate full of salad with chicken and artichoke hearts. I had one spoonful of the spinach and of the potato casserole, which were delicious. I didn’t over eat anything and that’s a big deal for me.

Most of the week, I was adjusting to my new eating plan while using tips from The Binge Code to help with the mental aspect of my healthy eating. I felt more confident having gotten through that book and then having guidance on what to eat when I’m not under eating and then overeating.

I made some adjustments based on last week. This week, I’m not meal prepping until Tuesday. My Sundays are usually pretty full and it was stressful to try to complete in the midst of the busy day. I ordered uniform containers to help with storage. I have meals prepared to get me through Tuesday. I’m going to prep dinners for the family instead of making myself individual dinners. I’ll just sub things in for myself on some of the side dishes. These are small adjustments I feel will help with this part of my journey. I really like what I’m eating, but I want to make sure it is something I don’t think is tedious.

Thanks for reading! I love feedback! I’ll be trying to check in weekly during the shred. My first follow up weigh in will be Saturday. I will try to nail down some numbers to share. This week, I was really excited to share my eating with you.

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