I haven’t written here because I haven’t felt like writing.

Hello, everyone. I’ve been gone over a month from my blog. I would have thought that being at home all the time would leave me so much time to create and lay to paper some content that I’d be proud of. I have not written. I haven’t even written in my list book because I was stumped by the last prompt it gave me. “List the best choices you’ve made in your life so far.” That’s deep, but also kind of a rabbit hole of a question.

Yesterday, I laced up with Judy in tow and ran the half marathon we’d trained for before “shelter at home” was issued. My face covering got balled up under my chin, but it protected my neck from sunburn. It was actually nice to have someone there because I thought about heading home in the first couple miles. It wasn’t my fastest race, but I came in first place anyway. It was a combination of common running routes near my home, so that was kind of a fun way to do the race. We ran through a route we go on social runs with Fleet Feet, their route for the Donut Run they do on their anniversary each year, my usual 3 and 5 mile routes, and past Be Strong, our gym that’s not currently open due to the order. Our finish line festivities involved drinking water out on the sidewalk in front of my house.


I’ve been running with Run The Edge’s Un-Canceled Project. They offer a different theme each week for the races we choose to do. Last week (Monday-Sunday) happened to be “Inspiration”.  Their Facebook group is wildly supportive of one another and I was excited to find a way to incorporate inspiration into my race. This week’s theme is “Courage”.

I’ve been working out using equipment my gym, Be Strong loaned to me the day shelter in place ordered gyms to close. The owner has made a name for himself with this generous act and he and the gym have made headlines. I’ve been keeping my sanity by having equipment at home. Our group has workout options posted every day and I’ve been doing at least one of the workouts almost daily. I sometimes forgo the workout to do a long run or take a day off like I did on Easter. I earned a coin for working out 20 days in April and I was so proud of myself, I put it in my phone case when I ran my half marathon yesterday.

I decided to try to catch up on the “bible in a year” bible. I actually caught up by reading 10-15 days of readings each day. This one is arranged in chronological order and in modern English. I feel like I get a lot out of reading it.

My kids don’t have school the rest of the semester. I’m doing my best to get them through their daily assignments before anyone gets frustrated and tries to throw in the towel. Including me. They’re in 2nd and 3rd grade, so at least I’m not trying to muddle my way through chemistry or foreign language work. It isn’t quite that time where they discover their mommy doesn’t know everything. Or is it?

So, I haven’t gone completely insane. I try to avoid too much time on Facebook because the opinions are strong and loud and most people aren’t open to civil discourse any more now than before this happened. I don’t want to talk about my feelings on it.

I hope you are all well and you stay well. I hope you’re finding a way to break out of the stir craziness that comes with being less mobile. I’m grateful for so much at this time and I just realize how much I love the people I interact with. “Not every day is good, but there is good in every day.” This has been so much more true with the things going on. I truly believe that focusing on the good helps you to see the good.  It isn’t a cure for anything, but it helps me get through one day at a time.