Time is totally relative…

I haven’t written in my blog in a month or so and the only reason I know is that I looked at my main page for the last post. I don’t know whether I feel like it was less or more, though.

I am still working out and running. I’ve returned the equipment to my gym because the time is approaching where we can return to training there instead of my garage. It was almost surreal to arrive there yesterday to drop off all the things I’d been using through the shelter order and to see the once full racks with no plates on them, no wall balls on their rack, and almost no bars in their holders. I’m proud to have still worked out while staying at home and not having classes to hold me accountable.

I feel like I’ve been blessed this time. I’ve gotten stronger in some ways. I’ve actually been able to get some new personal bests in lifting. I was able to find a set up for my garage to use for pull ups. Someone set out a pull up and dip station for trash pickup and my husband and I were able to pick it up to bring it home. This was after I ordered parts to make one in my garage and was waiting for them to be ready for pickup. I saved money and felt truly blessed. My family and I have also had our needs met even when it was seemingly impossible to get things in person or online that we needed.

Working out and running help me deal with life better. I’m not emotionally having much trouble dealing with staying at home. I have a hard time with social media and news in general. People are really accentuating some of their worst attributes. I often use shortcuts into the groups I most enjoy on my Facebook to avoid it. I often wonder if people realize they can see something they don’t like and just move on. I don’t think everyone is entitled to my opinion nor do I care to engage in useless banter with someone who is speaking to be heard and not to listen or learn.

I’m happy that the weather is warming up. Now my speed has to catch back up because I’m not used to being so hot. I am finally wearing shorts to run! I haven’t decided my legs are skinny enough to be worthy. I’ve decided that my legs weren’t the issue. It was my confidence. So, I have the cutest shorts with 5″ inseams.

I ran 7 miles on Sunday. I’m going to try to keep my miles up a little in hopes that training for my autumn half marathon will result in running that race and I’m still hoping for that new personal best. It won’t be my 10th half as I had planned. Not officially, anyway. It is still going to be awesome.

It was HOT (finally)

Thanks for reading! I hope you have some bright horizons to look upon and I hope you’re caring for your mental health. Remember that while the least compassionate people speak the loudest, the people who care are still all around. Many people are only cruel to others because of their own insecurity, anyway.