Starting from experience

I know a thing or two about starting something that I’ve already started before. A good saying for that one is “you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience.” I’m not sure to whom I should attributethat quote. It would appear there are many names connected when using the internet to search.

Moving on…

On the 15th of this month, I started a program with a nutrition coach from the Crossfit gym where I work out. I was reluctant to talk with her upon discovering she coached nutrition in addition to some functional fitness classes. I toyed with the idea while trying to just use a calorie tracking app to lose weight. The scale didn’t budge and neither did the waistline of my tight pants. I finally went through with setting up a consultation call. I went into it thinking she’d throw out the usual formula and tell me that it’s as simple as “calories in, calories out,” like most people. [I see you internet commenters that don’t like fat people who look content or seem ok with their bodies.] She didn’t say that. She listened to me list all of the diets and weight loss programs I’d tried. She outlined how her plan would work. The thing that was different for me was that she was also a Crossfit athlete and knew that I needed to fuel my workouts while still losing fat. I started the following week on the plan.

It has been a week and a half and I’ve seen some weight come off. I’m not starving, exhausted, or cranky. I haven’t decided to binge eat anything. The temptations haven’t been removed from the house. I’m allowed to enjoy some chocolate. My first concern was that some portions were HUGE and I wasn’t sure I could eat that much. Turns out I can eat greek yogurt with berries, an english muffin, and 2 eggs in one sitting AND it will hold me over until lunchtime, which is driven by my hunger instead of the clock.

I’ll have to wait until my first PMS on this plan to see how it works out, but I’ve found some great snacks that the premenstrual hunger monster should appreciate. I’m cautious that the excitement of starting something new will wear off and I’ll backslide, but not feeling deprived is helping quell that fear.

I hope to be a little more comfortable in my own skin, but also to finally have something stick. I want off of this rollercoaster I’m on where I lose weight and gain back more each time.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great day! I love feedback on my posts, so don’t be afraid to drop me a line. I have an idea for my next post.

PS: I have been running a little bit using different run/walk intervals and I’m excited to see whether I can get back into doing some shorter distances for a while. I miss being on the local trail.

Sweaty Post WOD Selfie


Change is consistent.

I tend to go too long between blog posts. I worry that people will interpret or somehow take my words as a sleight instead of just writing what is on my heart or my mind. I think an important thing to remember is that what people do or say is by and large about themselves.

Last time I was here, I was getting ready to start the school year working as a special education paraprofessional at the elementary school where my kids went/are attending. It was always mentally and physically taxing, but I enjoyed knowing I was helping. For a few reasons, I started to feel dread about going to work. I expressed my concerns to people I thought ok to confide in. Within the same week, I commented that “I don’t negotiate with terrorists,” to a student who was physically moving toward me and making threatening statements. Not my brightest or shiniest moment, but it happened. Anyway, someone felt compelled to speak to the principal about that and about my concerns involving feeling inadequate to do my job. Mind you, I have some pretty big doubts that I know how to do anything and I lack the self esteem to believe that I’m qualified for anything that I do or anything I obtain as a result. There isn’t a reward I’ve been the recipient of that I believe I’ve earned. I balk at compliments because I doubt the sincerity. Anyway, the boss talked to me and asked me if I would like to work at another school or if I would want to resign. I’d never been reprimanded at my job and this meeting felt like an ambush. This absolutely tore me apart and I could not control my emotions. It was like every doubt I’d had in myself was validated. I wasn’t a capable educational support professional. I hadn’t found what I was going to be when I grew up. I was a phony. I took a day to consider everything and saw my therapist. The next day, I turned in my resignation. The principal ensured me that he didn’t say those were my only options, but those were the only ones presented to me in that meeting. I was absolutely devastated. I haven’t worked there since. It was the first time I’d ever left a job without notice and without another job intact. I was so sad to leave the kids and my coworkers. I’m still sad about that. I’m still sad that I couldn’t tough it out until the end of the school year. It still bothers me that after I’d resigned, I was told that transfer and resignation weren’t my only options.

People ask me all the time what I’m doing now. I enjoyed putting together posts for a local business over the holidays. I thought about crafting. I haven’t actively looked for a job yet, but I’ve searched online a little. I know I don’t want to do full time again. That was too pressing on the family and it seemed like I wasn’t getting enough done around the house.

Next week, I’m starting to work with a coach on my nutrition. I’ve tried to no avail to lose the weight I gained over the last 18 months and I’m finally getting help for it. I want this to be the end of the ups and downs of my weight. My hope is to finally be at a point where I can eat to lose weight and fuel my workouts without feeling like I’m depriving myself. Here’s to hoping the 10000th time is a charm. It’s hard not to be a little cynical about the subject of my size.

I still do crossfit 5 days a week. I’ve had time to pay special attention to stretching and taking care of my body. I intend to slowly add running back in so that I can complete a 5k and maybe do 10k races. I don’t think I’ll be doing half marathons over this year, but things do constantly change. It seems to be the only thing consistent in my life. Change.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are doing well! I love feedback about my posts. I am considering an occasional video post, but I’ll need a little dose of self acceptance first.

I turned 42!